1. CRUTCRUTCHES FOR AFRICA (crutches4africa.org)

HOMI partnered with David Talbot founder and CEO of C4A to establish a distribution link and network in Malawi. Here is the profile of C4A.

David Talbot founder and CEO of Crutches4Africa were afflicted by polio in 1955, not even three years old. He has personal connection with the need for mobility and how crutches can change a life. When he went to Africa in 2005 he was stricken by the incredible need for mobility devices there. In 2006 C4A was started. Since that day we have collected crutches and other devices from around the world and gotten them to 14 African countries, and 9 other countries as well as local Colorado needs being met one on one. Over 40,000 people have been enabled by Crutches4Africa since 2006